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Rocket Spelling

Rocket Spelling is a website designed to help elementary school students learn to spell.

This project was my first full stack website (I had previously been working entirely on the front end). If I were to do it again, there are a lot of decisions I would make differently, but I'm still proud to have made the site at all.

Thousands of students use Rocket Spelling every year, which is an incredible blessing. I love it when my work provides real value.

Students working hard at Scratch camp

Scratch Camp

In the summers 2016 and 2017 I taught local elementary school students the basics of programming with Scratch in a week-long "Scratch Camp".

Turnout was excellent, with over 100 students in 2017 (which required splitting up into many hours and even adding additional web development camps taught by a local schoolteacher).

Online Math League Screenshot

Online Math League

I created the updated Online Math League website as a summer project. Unlike Rocket Spelling, I don't run the math league, but I do love its mission.

The Online Math League website is the first project I made using Node.js. Again, there are things I would do differently given a second chance, but I learned a lot throughout the process.

Third Grade Math Games Screenshot

3rd Grade Math Games

Third Grade Math Games is a small collection of math games designed for an elementary school (3rd grade) audience.

This is one of the first websites I ever made. All of the games were originally shared on my Scratch profile. The website was created later as a central location for all of them.

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