A Change of Direction

I've been blogging off-and-on for a good portion of my life, but I recently hit a bit of a hiatus. I haven't written a post in over five months, but I'd like to get back into it. The primary reason for my pause is that I haven't felt the need or desire to share pieces of my life which I would normally have turned into posts. In the past, I've joked that my blog is just a place where I can be angry about things. However, after many years of careful analysis, I've realized that being angry isn't making me happy (who would have guessed!?). Some people seem to thrive off of anger, but I don't. I'd rather post about the things which excite me and that I find interesting, rather than rant about problems that are mostly my fault.

So I've got a new plan now. Rather than using the blog as a dumping grounds for unhelpful and bitter ramblings, I'm going to be using it to share ideas and projects which I'm enthusiastic about. I'm making this change solely for my own enjoyment (as not many people read this anyway), but I suppose it should make for a better experience for a hypothetical reader as well.

Hopefully you enjoy it. New posts will be coming soon!

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