School is starting in a week*, and I’m past ready. Each year, at the beginning of summer, I want it to never end. I yearn for a Summer that lasts forever. And each year, like clockwork, I wish for school to begin.

Each school year is a fresh start, a new beginning: new teachers, new supplies, new grades, and new classmates. It is wonderful. But by the end of the year, I’m fed up with it. I don’t want any more of this structured education - I just want freedom!

The same cycle has proven to be true with my online presence. When I make a new theme for my blog, I love it. It’s a brand new style to get comfortable with, and it feels fresh and exciting. I want to keep the new theme forever. And each time, like clockwork, I wish for a change.

So I’ve started again. I’ve reset the cycle, brought back the clock. And right now, I love it. I have a new theme, a new URL, and a new platform: a brand new place on the internet. I love the feeling of a blank canvas. I’m sure that one day I’ll want to try again, but for now I’m happy.

blank canvas

Me thoroughly enjoying my new blank canvas.

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to see the old blog, you can do so here.

*We have to start way later than everyone else because of weird State laws. Apparently we enjoy being tourists in our own state, and we need to extend Summer until the day after Labor Day so that we can go camping or whatever and pay the State money. (God forbid we ever went to school.)